Lucy Greaves (ulugliglogs) wrote,
Lucy Greaves


i dont think i'll ever understand other people and wot they do....why they need to start horrible....try and prove point that realy have no relivence but to make them feel big and think its funny-aim at my dad who just hid my phone for some random and crazy point *confussed*.....people who cant see they are hurting others-even if they mean to or not...and also 'kick others when they'r down'......there never seems to be any good reason for it all!?!
so i feel its best to leave them to there own devices-especially karohi as she can SO take care of herself :o) ;op
but still.....people?!? CRAZY!! INSANE!! will never understand...but i still love all my great, weird and wonderful friends, who know who they are *beams, hugs and kisses*
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