Lucy Greaves (ulugliglogs) wrote,
Lucy Greaves

im going crazy!

at college right now-ooo cos thats fun!! trying to do my ict coursework :o( its not going well!! i cant think straight and i dont know what to do cos i hate this course!! i thort it was going to be fun and easy-how wrong could i have been!! RAHHHHH! why cant work just do itself!! that would be soo much better-and fun to watch ;o) My back's killing me too and my body thort it would be nice to give me 'womens problems' half way through last night!! (just thort ud all liketo know that!) so yeah im in agony while trying to doing my crapy coursework so im starting to rip my hair out!!! meant to be getting it cut tomoro-well if i keep going like this then there wont be any hair left to cut! ha!..................o well....*sigh*

feel quite better after writting all that....miss my baby muchly tho......:o(

NEARLY MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! two weeks tomoro!! :o) but thats probably gunna be crappy cos we'r now having problems moving because people buying our buyers house are been complete f$!%wits and messing everyone about!!! i never liked the idea of moving in the first place!!

well better get back to whatever it was i was trying to do before writing this load of crap!! good godd :o) lar dee dar bye for now peeps
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