Lucy Greaves (ulugliglogs) wrote,
Lucy Greaves


its nearly my birthday-FRIDAY!!!-and we'r going to alton towers :o) yayayayayayayayay! dad booked the tickets today for me and stu, anna and tamar, kate and karren and krystel and wez :o) gudgud! im upset tho cos kat doesnt think she'l come-but if she changes her mine dad says we'll get her ticket on the door, so i hope she does come-it wont b the same without her! :o(
im soo excited :o) teehee i cant wait-but it doesnt feel like its gona b my birthday...i mean last week i was like ooooooooooooits my birthday next week-and now it is next week i dont realy feel like its gona b my birthday on friday! i still cant wait tho ;op gudgud! xxxxxx
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