Lucy Greaves (ulugliglogs) wrote,
Lucy Greaves

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

havnt been to college for the last two days-well ever since we were ment to b back-cos i feel REALY ill!! :o( my head feels like it will explode at ne time-so god knows my im on the computer rite now!! not helping much :op ooppsy! plus my belly keeps cramping up and making me feel realy sick! :'o(
but! (o yeah theres a but!) none of that matters wen i see my wonderful boyfriend who makes me feel so happy and so special! :o) i dont know what i'd do without him rite now! things r so good between us rite now-and its ur three month aniversary on friday-which is also the day that i move into my new house! crazy huh?! he came round to see me at lunch today :o) very very nice :o) teehee got a big smile on my face from just writing this! :o)
<3 i love him so so much! <3
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