Lucy Greaves (ulugliglogs) wrote,
Lucy Greaves


mixed emotions rite now-however more upset than anything..... :o( i feel like i need and want to cry but i cant cos im sick of it now...
just realised my last comment was on my 3 month aniversary...didnt remeber that now did i....not like it was that special or i selibrated it with him or anything.... :o(
he feels so distant and far away...i dont like how we'v become or are becoming.... :o( not nice, not nice at all! but its only resently that we'v gotten like this....i dont know wot to do....i feel stupid when im arround him and i now dont know how to be arround him cos i seem to be getting that wrong half the time.... :o(
so yeah 'hmmmm' realy sums me up at the moment and im not liking it one bit :o(
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